Authentic, Creative & Complimentary.
 Classes aim to be inclusive and authentic:  all ages, sizes, levels and abilities are welcome.

My teaching work is focussed on bringing traditions forward that incorporate and induce well-being while being respectful of the elders, guides and lineages that I have studied with over the last 30 years.  I I give careful and loving consideration to both the long term impact of the offerings I create (7 generations out) as well as to what is needed in the present moment.  I care deeply about the subtle (and not so subtle)
implications of the work I put forth to you.

Weekly Schedule Dance
Joyful Bellydance! Sundays • 7pm • Local Motion Studio.
Register at:  

Poolside Yoga. Fridays 6:30am • Hollin Hills Pool 
Rise & Shine! Tuesdays 6am • Ease Yoga & Cafe

Gentle Qi Yoga. Saturdays 8am • Ease Yoga & Cafe
Yoga & Sound.
Second Sundays 4pm • Ease Yoga & Cafe
Full Moon Gong Bath. Day/Time varies • Ease Yoga & Cafe

Mantra & Mudras. Tuesdays 5:45pm • Take 
Crystal Bowls. Tuesdays 6:30pm & Sundays 12:15 • Take 5
Gong Bath. Tuesdays 7:15pm & Saturdays 12:30pm • Take 5
Art & Mindfulness. Saturdays 1:30pm •
Register at:

Please contact Jeneen for 
more information or to schedule a class near you.

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