Events, Series, Workshops & Retreats.
uthentic practices for cultivating connection, creativity, joy and awakening in every moment of your life. 

Special Events are meant to take the work deeper into your being and your life.  These immersive experiences give you the opportunity to have a profound transformational experience be it creative, physical or  mental.  Each event is skillfully and lovingly crafted and layered to be safe, healing and integrated.


Full Moon Gong Bath.

Wednesday, September 6th, 8-9pm. 
@ Ease Yoga & Cafe
Experience the power and cleansing of the Gong carefully aligned with the Full Moon.  Set your intention, relax completely, and allow the complex harmonics of the Gong to wash over you.

Sound Healing at the Phillips Collection.

Thursday, September 7th, 5-8:30pm. 
@ the Phillips Collection
As part of "After 5" at the Phillips Collection, treat yourself to a calming evening at the Phillips hosted by Take Five Meditation!  Live music, mindful coloring, meditation sessions AND a Gong Bath in the main gallery.  You've never seen paintings look this way before! 

Equinox Gong Bath @ Dupont Underground.

Purchase tickets online at Ticketfly 

Thursday, September 21st, 6:30-7:30pm. 
@ Dupont Underground in collaboration with Take Five Meditation.
Align yourself for the Season to come on this Fall Equinox with the powerful potent sound healing of the Symphonic Gong at the fabulous and unique Dupont Underground. The sound, energy, and experience of this subterranean space create the ideal setting for the Gong.  Come see what its all about!    

Gong Bath / Art Exhibit.

Saturday, September 23rd, 5-8:30pm. 
@ Take Five in collaboration with Art All Night.
As part of Art All Night in Dupont Circle,  come view Jeneens Sky Meditation series on display and sit in for a free 20 minute Gong Bath/Sound Healing led by the artist herself.  Other activities will include drawing & journaling and fun pop ups.  Art and handmade items will be for sale.  A truly creative and mindful evening of new experiences.  


Introduction to Gong 
Current 10 week session in progress. Ask about joining.

The ancient and powerful Gong is the "mother" of all sound healing tools.  It encompasses all sounds and is said to be the sound of the Universe itself.  In this class, we will learn more about the Gong, how to care for it and options for playing.  We will also talk about how to pick out a Gong for personal use and/or group use.  You will be able to special order a Gong for direct delivery to your home. Small group size allows for individual attention and hands on practice for each participant.

Smudging 101

on request
Smudging is the sacred practice of using plant medicine for clearing and healing. In this class, we will cover the basics of the practice including how to light the smudge, what to use for charcoal, appropriate pots, setting your intention, clearing a room, and types of smudges and uses. Smudge and tools will be for sale.  Small group size allows for individual attention and hands on practice for each participant.

Crystal Bowl Basics
on request
 Crystal singing bowls are powerful sound healing tools made of quartz that are tuned to specific resonances to effect the body. In this class we will learn care and handling of crystal bowls, their appropriate use, techniques for playing and intention setting. Bowls will be available for special order. Whether you already have a bowl, just want to learn more or are planning on getting one for yourself, this workshop is for you!  Small group size allows for individual attention and hands on practice for each participant.

For more information, please contact:  Jeneen t. 202.288.2370

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